Understand the Basics of International Trade with Export Access


Numerous reports have shown that UK companies are put off venturing into export markets due to fear of the unknown.

However, aspiring exporters can rely on EXPORT ACCESS to provide:

  • Inexpensive, easy-to- understand Training
  • Dynamic Market Entry services
  • Cost effective Logistics Management.

If you are new to exporting, it’s difficult to know what you need to do, who will help you and even what questions to ask.

When exporting for the first time, or selling goods into a new export market, there is a big learning curve and it’s vital that you understand the way that international trade processes and logistics systems work, if you want to avoid problems and succeed in selling your goods overseas.

Export Access can help you to:

Understand the Basics of International Trade
Formal or Informal, in-house training, coaching & mentoring – workshops, one-to-ones, seminars, briefings.

Gain Access to Foreign markets
Market Research, identifying and overcoming barriers to trade, Customs procedures, regulations and compliance requirements.

Manage your international Logistics
Independent advice on the most cost-effective ways of getting your goods delivered to overseas customers.

EXPORT ACCESS is a one-stop-shop for:

Formal and informal Mentoring, Coaching and Training on the general Principles, Processes & Procedures of International Trade.

Comprehensive Market Access services – Market Research, Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Trade, Spotlighting Opportunities and Finding Distributors, with a focus on exports to the USA and Latin America.

Logistics Management – ‘Health Checks’ on current arrangements, Analysis and Reports on cost effectiveness & putting in place structures for Door to Door Export Logistics Frameworks – for new exporters, and for existing exporters sending goods to new export markets.

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the spotlight is falling on opportunities for UK companies in the wider world, outside Europe. However, exporting to overseas markets is quite different than delivering goods in Europe and involves many different and complex procedures, documentation, regulations and systems.


After more than 40 years in the international logistics industry, Gary Baylis established EXPORT ACCESS with a view to helping UK exporters succeed in foreign markets.

Gary has a wealth of knowledge and experience of dealing with exports and imports of all kinds to and from all regions of the world and he is on a mission to raise awareness of the important role played by logistics in international trade. He is a Member of the Institute of Export & International Trade.

Over recent years he has worked closely with government agencies, chambers of commerce, industry associations, universities, LEP’s and new enterprise organisations to help new exporters understand how to export, how to identify and overcome barriers to trade (such as import controls and regulatory compliance) and to find routes to market.

As Director of EXPORT ACCESS, Gary will be leading the company’s efforts to give practical support to aspiring UK exporters, to help them to:

UNDERSTAND how international trade works
GAIN access to foreign markets
MANAGE their international logistics


Mentoring, Coaching & Training

Mentoring, coaching and training on the Principles, Procedures and Processes of International Trade & Logistics including:

  • The role of HM Revenue & Customs
  • Sources of Information
  • Trading in the EU
  • Export Controls
  • International Sales Contracts
  • Export Orders
  • Incoterms 2010
  • The Purpose & Importance of Documents
  • Export Invoices
  • Origin & Preference
  • Transport Documents
  • Cargo Insurance

Formal and informal presentations for briefings, seminars and events – for groups or one-to-one sessions.

Market Access Services

  • Identifying Target Markets
  • Market Research
  • Identifying Barriers to Trade
  • Regulatory Compliance Solutions
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Spotlighting Export Opportunities
  • Finding and Appointing Distributors
  • In Market Support

Logistics Management

Consultancy services for existing exporters:

  • Health Check on current arrangements
  • Analysis of cost effectiveness
  • Advice on overcoming problems and issues
  • Reports and Recommendations

Services for new exporters:

  • Assessment of export strategy
  • Instruction on Basics of International Trade
  • Advice & Guidance on How to Export
  • Structuring Export Logistics
  • Independent advice on shipping services
  • Ongoing support and reviews

United States of America

Due to it’s size and prominence, the USA is, understandably, high up on the list of target markets for UK exporters. However, although there are tremendous opportunities for British goods, there are can be considerable obstacles and challenges standing in the way of successful market entry.

Regulatory Compliance – US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

The US government applies very strict controls to the importation of products which are for eventual personal use or consumption such as Food & Drinks, Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Biological Compounds, Colours, Nutritional Supplements, Electronic Devices, Animal Feedstuffs, Veterinary Products, Alcohol and Tobacco.

Foreign Companies manufacturing or supplying such products must register with the US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) and adhere to very specific requirements for labelling and packaging. Device and drug establishments must renew their FDA registrations annually and, as of 2011, FDA requires food, beverage and supplement facilities to renew registrations every two years under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). If registrations are not renewed in the required period, they are cancelled. Suppliers and producers must also have a US agent (either their own US office or an American company authorized to act on their behalf) to represent them in all communications with the FDA. It may also be necessary for certain manufacturing facilities to be inspected by FDA officers.

Goods which do not comply with FDA regulations risk being refused entry to the USA or confiscation, which can incur tremendous frustrations, delays, additional costs and loss of customer confidence.

FDA registration and compliance procedures can seem complex to exporters who do not have the time, resources and knowledge to deal with them.

EXPORT ACCESS is the Official Representative Office in the UK & Ireland for


Registrar Corp is the USA’s leading provider of Regulatory Compliance services for goods imported into the USA, including:


If you require any information on, or assistance with, US Import Procedures and Regulatory Compliance Requirements call us on 07828 090393 or email gb@exportaccess.co.uk.

Images sourced from https://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/AboutThisWebsite/WebsitePolicies/default.htm#web

Source : US Food & Drug Administration web site

Market Research

 EXPORT ACCESS is the principal partner in the UK & Ireland for:

AWS facilitates entry to the US market place by providing the following services:

Ensuring your product is right for the US market, and that the US market is right for your product.

Identifying and evaluating appropriate US marketing partners and end-users including importers, distributors, agents, licensees & franchisees.

Trade mission organizational support and ancillary services for groups of delegates visiting the US on trade visits or taking part in exhibitions.


The USA has a reputation for being one of the most litigious countries in the world and has perhaps more lawyers per head of population than any other country. It is extremely important that UK exporters proceed with due diligence when entering into contracts with US companies, if they want to ensure that they avoid unwanted and costly law suits, for example, if they wish to eventually terminate or modify contracts that are subject to US law.

For this reason, EXPORT ACCESS strongly recommends that companies entering the US market place consult with a US lawyer who specialises in advising UK companies entering the US market.

Please contact us for information and we will signpost you to a suitable specialist lawyer.


Suppliers and manufacturers of products entering the USA should be aware that there is a real risk of them being sued under US laws for personal injury or other damage and losses caused, amongst other things, by defects in the manufacture of products. Damages awarded by US courts can be very significant and the opportunities for litigation are numerous.

EXPORT ACCESS strongly recommends that exporters to the USA – both new and experienced – regularly review their Product Liability Insurance in order to ensure that their cover is adequate for the US market.

Many companies have Product Liability cover as part of their general insurance arrangements. However, any insurance companies providing such cover must be made aware if companies are exporting to the USA for the first time, or if sales to the US market rise above certain limits, as existing cover may be inadequate. In such cases, insurers will often seek to raise premiums substantially, due to the increased risks that are present in the US market.

Many exporters are unaware that contracts agreed with US buyers usually specify that suppliers and manufacturers must provide adequate Product Liability Insurance cover and indemnify the buyer accordingly.

In collaboration with specialist brokers, EXPORT ACCESS can arrange suitable Product Liability Insurance at very competitive cost – please ask for further details.


There are attractive opportunities for UK exporters in Latin America – especially in intermediate, high-growth markets like MEXICO, COLOMBIA, CHILE & PERU. However, there can be challenges in getting goods into Latin American markets.

Export Access recommends that steps are taken to:

Identify the best target market

Brazil is a big, outwardly attractive market, but import procedures are complicated and route to market costs are very high.Other countries, like Mexico, Colombia, Chile & Peru are smaller markets, but are growing quickly and are much easier to deal with.

Do your market research

As with any other export market, you need to ensure that the market is right for your product and that your product is right for the market. Import restrictions & controls, distribution frameworks, business cultures, free trade agreements, geography, politics, demographics, market size and bureaucracy varies from country to country.


Latin American business cultures place great value on personal relationships and establishing and maintaining personal contacts is very important. Britain and British products, business integrity and culture is generally well liked in Latin American countries, but this good will only has value if it is used to support an effective and professional marketing strategy and good quality, competitively priced products and services.

Export access works closely with dynamic and effective local partners throughout latin america to provide services for:

Market Research
Distributor search
Overcoming Barriers to Trade
Logistics management


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